August 1, 2022

Industry expert Deuchert joins Kyon Energy's management team - his goal: to increase security of supply through energy storage systems

Munich, Bavaria. Kyon Energy is pleased to have Benedikt Deuchert, a true industry expert and flexibility expert, as a new addition to the company's management team. Deuchert, who made a name for himself in his previous position at the consulting firm E-Bridge Consulting with topics relating to the flexibilization of the German electricity market, will in future be responsible for the areas of Business Development and Regulatory Affairs. This is a direct continuation of his work on the further development of the German 'Redispatch 2.0' regime for congestion management, among other things.

Under the guiding principle of 'use instead of shutting down', he calls for a regulatory framework to enable renewable energies to be stored economically and thus better integrated into the grids. In his view, the current regulatory framework is not working well for storage. He comments on this:

"From today's perspective, battery storage is the most economical option for bringing urgently needed flexibility to the grids in the short term. Market players must finally be incentivized to offer this flexibility to local grids."  

What is needed now is determined action in legislation and regulation to implement the market-based procedure for congestion management required by European law at national level. The new storage definition in the EnWG creates new scope for the introduction of storage facilities in contrast to the cost-based procedure for generators.

The management team at Kyon Energy is convinced that Deuchert's entry comes at exactly the right time, as one of the managing directors Florian Antwerpen points out: "We are currently experiencing how large, grid-connected battery storage systems are  becoming acceptable in Germany. The regulatory framework must keep pace with this dynamic development. Benedikt Deuchert will ensure that storage systems can tap into new, innovative business models." He adds that all players need to pull together, especially in view of the geopolitical upheavals. "Kyon Energy is currently making advance investments and will be bringing battery storage to the grid on a significant scale by the end of the year. However, security of supply will only be strengthened if the flexibility from our batteries finds the right framework to respond optimally to market and grid developments."

About Kyon Energy:

Kyon Energy works for a sustainable, independent and socially acceptable energy supply with renewable energies and therefore is a significant driver of the energy transition.
Kyon Energy is one of the leading project developers of grid-connected battery storage systems to stabilize the power grid in Germany. With the largest project pipeline in Germany and a capacity of over 120MW, which alone will be connected to the grid by the end of 2022, the company is establishing itself as a force in the German energy sector.

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