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Individual services for storage technologies

Kyon Energy is a project developer of grid-connected large-scale battery storage systems. Our portfolio covers the entire value chain of project planning, from securing the site to commissioning and handover of the turnkey storage facility. The wide range of services and our in-depth market expertise enable ideal coordination of all factors to implement projects quickly, smoothly and efficiently. For this reason, when designing the ideal battery storage system, we consider not only technical factors, but also dynamic and regulatory market conditions to optimize the efficiency and profitability of each project.

Site development of battery storage systems

Germany-wide greenfield analysis, taking into account network topological, environmental and construction law aspects.

Grid connection planning & building law development

Planning of grid connection capacities and support of the approval process.

Business model development for battery storage systems

Energy-economical consulting for storage solutions and regulation for more grid flexibility.

Technology selection & design for optimum economic efficiency

Storage systems optimally designed for the use cases and locations with selection of the appropriate storage technology.

Project construction and commissioning

Accompaniment of the construction phase as general contractor up to the commissioning of the turnkey battery storage system.