Storage technologies for the energy transition

Kyon Energy projects and operates storage technologies for an independent, sustainable and socially acceptable energy supply.

/ Our mission
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The Kyon Energy Team

/ Our mission

We enable the energy transition

Kyon Energy works for a world with an independent, sustainable and socially acceptable energy supply through renewable energy sources.

Implemented projects
120 MW
Currently under construction
350 MW
Projects ready for construction
300 MW
Project pipeline
+7 GW
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Battery storage projects from Kyon Energy

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Individual services for storage technologies

Kyon Energy is a developer of battery storage for the grid. We offer a comprehensive range of services, from site search to turnkey commissioning. Our goal is to realize projects quickly, efficiently and in line with market conditions to ensure maximum efficiency and profitability.

Site development of battery storage systems

Germany-wide greenfield analysis, taking into account network topological, environmental and construction law aspects.

Grid connection planning & building law development

Planning of grid connection capacities and support of the approval process.

Business model development for battery storage systems

Energy-economical consulting for storage solutions and regulation for more grid flexibility.

Technology selection & design for optimum economic efficiency

Storage systems optimally designed for the use cases and locations with selection of the appropriate storage technology.

Project construction and commissioning

Accompaniment of the construction phase as general contractor up to the commissioning of the turnkey battery storage system.

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Careers at Kyon Energy

Kyon Energy is one of the leading players in the German battery storage market and a driver of a clean and sustainable energy supply.

For those who are looking for an innovative, dynamic and professional environment with perspective.