Kyon Energy receives approval for new 116 megawatt hours large battery storage project in Saxony-Anhalt

-New large battery storage plant in Diesdorfer Wuhne (Magdeburg) approved
-58 megawatts of storage capacity/ 116 megawatt hours of storage capacity for the German power grid
-Realization of the storage project by 2025

Munich, 19.10.2023. Kyon Energy, a leading project development company for large battery storage systems from Munich, receives approval for the construction of a new large storage facility in Wuhne in Diesdorfer Wuhne, on the outskirts of Magdeburg, Saxony-Anhalt. The plant will have a storage capacity of 58 megawatts and a storage capacity of 116 megawatt hours. Construction is to begin as early as 2024.

After completion, the battery storage system will take on system-friendly tasks by stabilizing the grid frequency on the one hand and improving grid utilization on the other hand, so that more renewable energy can be integrated into the power grid overall. Thanks to the high storage capacity, excess energy can be stored and fed back into the grid when needed. This promotes more efficient use of renewable resources and reduces dependence on traditional fossil energy sources.

"As we transition to a cleaner energy system, battery storage systems play a critical role in stabilizing the power grid and ultimately enabling a more independent and sustainable system. Thanks to the flexibility that battery storage projects such as the one in Wuhne in Diesdorf make available to the power grid, we are initiating a turnaround in the German energy system and making an important contribution to the success of the energy revolution," says Florian Antwerpen, managing director of Kyon Energy.

The new storage plant is scheduled to be put into operation by 2025.

About Kyon Energy
Energy is a German project and business development company focused on large battery storage systems. With 121 MW of battery storage systems successfully developed and sold with partners in 2022 and a current project pipeline of over 7 GW, Kyon Energy is one of the market leaders in Germany. The company has a particular focus on the development and optimization of multi-use strategies, combined with deep expertise in project development and management as well as the regulation of large battery storage systems. Through its battery storage systems, Kyon Energy is a driver of the energy revolution and strives for a world powered by renewable, sustainable and independent energy.

Marta Bitti
Senior Marketing & Communications Managerin‍