Kyon Energy sells 194.7 megawatts of battery storage projects in Germany to Danish investor Obton

- 194.7 megawatts of the 600 megawatt framework agreement between Kyon Energy and Obton already fulfilled in the first year of cooperation
- Europe's largest storage project in Alfeld, Lower Saxony (137.5 MW/275 MWh) sold to Obton

Munich and Aarhus (Denmark), December 04, 2023 - Kyon Energy, one of the leading project developers for large-scale battery storage in Germany, sold storage projects with a total storage capacity of 194.7 megawatts to Obton, the leading Danish operator of solar PV systems, in 2023.

Following the successful transactions of two storage projects in Tangermünde, Saxony-Anhalt (15.8 MW / 35 MWh) and Karstädt, Brandenburg (20.7 MW / 41.4 MWh), the recent sale of Europe's largest battery storage facility in Alfeld, Lower Saxony (137.5 MW/275 MWh) marks the third project that Kyon Energy has transferred to the Danish investor this year. A fourth project with a storage capacity of 20.7 MW is to be delivered by the end of 2023.

The sales are part of a comprehensive framework agreement between Kyon Energy and Obton, which was concluded in spring 2023. Already in the first year of the agreement, a third of the storage capacity - almost 200 megawatts - was successfully contributed. The cooperation between the two companies will extend over a period of three years, during which a total of 600 MW of storage capacity will be integrated into the German power grid - an investment in the energy infrastructure that amounts to a high three-digit million euro sum.
The 600 MW that will be added under the contract will make a significant contribution to the German energy transition and will account for half of the total storage capacity currently installed in Germany, which currently stands at 1.2 gigawatts. The start of construction for all four new storage projects, including the latest sale in Alfeld, is planned for next year.

"Battery storage systems make a significant contribution to building a resilient energy infrastructure based on renewable energies and thus to achieving the energy and climate targets. The fact that we were already able to contribute 200 MW to the framework agreement in the first year is a major milestone and reflects our commitment to driving forward the energy transition in Germany," says Florian Antwerpen, Managing Director of Kyon Energy.

"We are very proud that what we wanted to achieve together with the framework agreement is already bearing fruit. 200 MW of battery storage projects that are ready for construction and will be delivered to our BESS funds in 2023. The four projects will provide much-needed flexibility to the German energy system," says Torsten Lauritsen, Head of Energy Storage at Obton.

Kyon Energy is responsible for the entire project planning of the battery storage projects, including site development and grid connection planning, building rights development and layout design. The parties will jointly handle the development of the business model and the general contracting up to the turnkey commissioning of the battery storage systems. Obton will also contribute the financing of the projects and the operation of the completed battery storage systems to the partnership.

About Obton

Obton is a leading operator in the development and acquisition of solar PV systems - mainly in Europe, but also in Asia, Australia and Canada. The company has been active in the solar energy sector since 2009 and actively operates more than 1,500 PV plants in twelve countries. Obton offers opportunities to invest in large solar and battery storage funds and currently manages around EUR 3.5 billion on behalf of more than 4,500 Danish investors.

About Kyon Energy

‍KyonEnergy is a German project development company focusing on large-scale battery storage systems. With 121 MW of battery storage systems successfully developed and sold with partners in 2022, a further 468 MW of storage projects in the ready-to-build stage and a current project pipeline of over 7 GW, Kyon Energy is one of the market leaders in Germany. The company has a particular focus on the development and optimization of multi-use strategies, combined with deep expertise in project development and management as well as the regulation of large-scale battery storage systems. Through its battery storage systems, Kyon Energy is a driver of the energy transition and strives for a world powered by renewable, sustainable and independent energy.

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Senior Marketing & Communications Managerin‍